Crowd Statement Marathon

Are you a crowd worker, a requester or a paid crowdsourcing platform? What is your opinion about trust in the context of crowd work?

We would like to know what people working in paid crowdsourcing think about trust in the context of crowd work. You can have a say!

Please let us know your opinion by writing one sentence on the topic. You may write something about an existing problem, a wish that you have or a solution that you propose. In any case, it should be related to the topic of trust in crowd work.

We will present a summary of the collected statements during our workshop and we will publish the generated materials online.

If you need some inspiration, you can read a list of some of the topics that we are interested in:

But feel free to write on a topic that is not listed there.

The call for statements opens on Friday April 15 and will close on Friday April 29.

There are two ways to send us your statement:

  • Via a Form:  This is our preferred way!
  • Via Twitter: please tweet using the hashtag #csmtcw (the hashtag was derived from "Crowd Statement Marathon at Trust in Crowd Work")

Thank you so much in advance!

Cristina Sarasua, M. Six Silberman, Kristy Milland, and Gianluca Demartini

(The organizers of the workshop).